We facilitate affordable financing for schools and parents.

We convert tuition payment from a yearly/termly commitment to a monthly subscription for parents while for schools, we ensure that payments are collected, tracked and reconciled seamlessly.

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Financial Infrastructure for Education in Africa


Convert your children’s tuition payment in any school around the world from a yearly and termly obligation to a monthly subscription. Stay on top of your children’s education spending.

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Schoolable combines school fees collection, expense management and online business banking all in one place.

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Ubuntu! It takes a village to train a child. We can't do this alone! Let's work together to make finance available to everyone in the school ecosystem.

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Download our delightful app and automatically set aside a portion of your income for your children's education.

Pay school fees monthly

We convert your children's school fees from a yearly/termly obligation into a monthly subscription.

We believe that access to affordable finance is the greatest barrier to quality education in Africa. As such we have built Schoolable to make affordable finance available to all players in the education value chain.

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The seven Africa-focused companies that presented as part of Y Combinator’s Winter 2019 class of 200 startups may seem like a small percentage for such a large class, but it represents the growing significance of African ventures in YC’s universe.


Allpro is building an end-to-end lending platform for schools in Nigeria. Their solution underwrites credit risks for lenders while making access to credit easy for various stakeholders in the school ecosystem (school owners, parents and teachers).

Mick Liubinskas

Schoolable is building a financial system that would, on one hand, allow parents to save monthly for tuition payment for their kids instead of paying one-time upfront. On the other hand, Schoolable empowers schools to collect tuition from parents early and increase their fees collection rate by up to 80%...