🎉 We launched a new product for parents and their children. Checkout Little
We launched a new product for parents and their children. Checkout Little

Financial infrastructure to run a successful school business

Free business account plus all the important tools you need to run a successful school business.

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Track every kobo that comes into your school

Building a school is hard, getting paid shouldn’t

Easy Reconciliation

Before Schoolable, tracking and reconciling fees from families was a pain. Cases of forged tellers or internal fraud prevailed. With Schoolable, every family or student has a unique account number. You know exacltly how much they pay and when they pay.

Student Invoicing

With Schoolable invoicing, you can keep track of how much every student in every family owes your school. You can track part payments, manage discounts and automatically remind parents of their outstanding billls

Multiple payment channels

You no longer have to insist that families pay you through bank deposits with tellers. They can just move money into their unique family account and clear all their outstanding bills in the school.

Bring along your account

You choose where you want all your school fees collection to go. You can leave it on Schoolable or automatically move it to any nominated bank account in Nigeria.

Control every spend from request and approval to payments and reconciliation


Free bank account

Every schoolable account comes with a free bank account so you can get started managing your school business without worrying about creating a bank account.

Manage employee payroll

Calculate Payee taxes and other deductions, track staff bonuses and disburse monthly salaries into the bank accounts of your employees.

Pay Vendors & suppliers

Using Schoolable to run your expenses helps you categorize your transactions properly for better insights. You can run payroll and send money to any bank account in Nigeria

Expense management & approval flow

Organize your school’s expenses with proper approval flow for all outbound transactions in your school.

We believe that access to affordable finance is the greatest barrier to quality education in Africa. As such we have built Schoolable to make affordable finance available to all players in the education value chain.

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