Become an #able parent with Schoolable

Save towards your kids' school fees monthly, get loans to pay when you need help. Pay to the school directly and never worry about the stress of making tuition payments.

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Saving for Tuition

Saving for Tuition

You don't have to struggle with late payments. Conveniently save ahead of tuition payment time with our savings feature.

Easy and fast Tuition payment

Don't sweat it, we save you all the stress and hassle of making tuition payment.

Saving for Tuition

  • Create an account
  • Setup an education plan
  • Manage your savings plan
  • Pay school fees
Saving for Tuition

Create a Schoolable Account

Get started on your schoolable journey by downloading our app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store or on the Web.

Setup an education plan for your kids

Set up a plan and start setting aside a portion of your income monthly and lock it down for your children's education needs.

Manage your education savings plan

Curate your savings experience to your convenience, suiting your preferences. Stashing your money for the kid's future should be and can be fun.

Pay your kids' school fees

Pay directly to your children's school. No bank queues, no stress of sending receipts and evidence back to the school.

Your Money is in Safe Hands

Secure Payments

With a strict adherence to PCIDSS regulations, you need not to worry about the safety of your information.

Good Investment Returns

We make low risk investment choices which are safe but also have potential of yield fruitful returns long term.

Saving for Tuition