Get fees paid faster and on time

We have thoughtfully built a solution that helps schools to issue invoices to parents, generate receipts, track the payments from these invoices and automatically reconcile them.

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We know that you want to issue family-based invoices, we know that keeping track of discounts to parents can be a handfull. That is why we have crafted a beautiful invoicing solution to help you solve this, and more.

Invoicing System
Improve Enrolment

Improve Enrolment

We have thousands of parents saving on our platform to enroll their kids into a new school. Your school can take advantage of this by offering parents that choose your school a discount on their first payments.

Improve Fees Collection

Schools that work with schoolable typically collects 80% of their fees before the first 2 weeks of resumption. This is not magic! We simply work with the parents to ensure that they save towards paying them and inevitably pay on time.

Improve Funds Collection
Secure technology

Secure technology

The security of your money is of utmost importance to us. Our payment processors are PCIDSS compliant to ensure optimum security of your data electronically.

Reconcile Payments

Stop wasting precious time matching payments to bank statements. Our settlement dashboard automates the reconciliation process and gives you peace mind.

Reconcile Payments