The new standard in school finance management

Schoolable combines school fees collection, expense management and online business banking all in one place.

Schoolable for Schools
Founders Factory
Standard Bank

Unique account number for every Family

Issue unique account numbers to every family through which they can pay you.

Family Account Number
Invoice payment remainders

Issues invoices and send payment reminders

Send beautiful invoices along side with constant payment reminders that goes directly to your parents Whatsapp.

Pay bills and send money

Send money to your suppliers and vendors with a single click.

Pay bills and send money
Disburse salaries

Disburse Salaries to your employees

Pay your employees salaries directly from your schoolable account.

Control every Kobo from request and approval to payment and reconciliation

Put a transparent grip on the flow of money out of your school. Approve all payments and automatically reconcile to your accounts.

Control funds
Expense cards

Issue physical expense cards for your school (Coming soon)

Issue physical cards to your employees for expenses and have a 360 view of all spending in your school.