About Schoolable

We believe that access to finance is the greatest barrier to quality education in Africa. Our primary focus is to make affordable finance available to all players in the school value chain.


Customer Satisfaction

At the very core of what we do are our users (parents and schools). We are focused on ensuring that our users are happy and their problems are solved intuitively.

Simplicity and Empathy

At Schoolable we lead with our ears and create solutions from there. It's how we've gotten here and there is no turning back now. We do the simple things excellently and ensure that whatever we give to our customers is of the highest quality.

Collaborative Teamwork

Built with love from top to bottom. Building Schoolable was an immersive and collective effort. We understand the value in team and having that extra eye look over your shoulder, sharing their thoughts on whatever you are building. That for us, is a game changer!

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Schoolable is a fintech company focused on providing access to affordable finance in the private school system in Africa

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